Facebook Insight Stats Explained: How to Mine Your Facebook Analytics for Actionable Tactics

Facebook captures data on how your fans interact with your posts, their demographic info, and what posts they like best.  And Facebook shares it with you in a feature called Insights.

Best of all,  results you see are unique to your fans.

But Facebook page owners rarely use Insights.  Why?

Because they’re filled with numbers, data, and graphs.  In short, it looks like something your accountant would love.

Not mining your Facebook Insights = leaving money on the table.

Inside all that data is are where the gold is.  Sure, it’s easy to get lost in it all — so don’t feel like you need to review everything.  Instead, focus on these Top 3 Facebook Insights you need to know and more importantly — what to do with them.

1.  What Posts Get the Best Results?

Fans of a football team page will respond differently to posts than fans of a coffee shop.  Service-based businesses have fans who want posts completely different.

So how do you know which post will generate the optimal results for your unique fans?

Your fans are already telling you, and their answers are in your Facebook Insights.  Specifically, they’re on the Posts tab:

fb insights 1

Sort by Reach & Engagement to see which posts are best for your unique fans

When you click on the Posts Tab, Facebook shows you the stats for All Posts.  You get three months worth of results, organized by Date, Post Content, Post Type (status update, video, photo or link), Targeting, Reach and Engagement.

Your Action Items:

  • Click on Reach to sort posts by how many people saw them.  Your most popular post appears at the top.  Do more of these types of posts:  look at the content & the post type.
  • Click on Engagement to sort posts by how many people interacted with your post by liking it, commenting on it, or sharing it.  These posts are your real gold:  they are not only getting fan interest, they also improve your EdgeRank so more of your fans will see your posts in their News Feeds.

2.  What Day & Time Should I Post?

Facebook is finally telling page owners when their fans are online the most, both by day of the week and time of day,  in the When Your Fans Are Online Tab shown here:

The best days & times to post for greatest fan reach

The best days & times to post for greatest fan reach

Your Action Items:

  • Check this tab weekly.  The times your fans are online changes from week-to-week, so make sure you’re posting when your fans are reading.
  • Identify the top days & times to post, and schedule those posts ahead of time OR make a recurring appointment on your calendar to post during your fans’ optimum times.

3. What Should I Post on My Business Page?

Now you know, because Facebook tells you which post types get the best response from your fans.  Check out the Best Post Types Tab:

What should I post on Facebook? Check the Best Post Types Tab to find out

What should I post on Facebook? Check the Best Post Types Tab to find out

Facebook displays clearly your most popular post types, showing you exactly how many fans saw them and engaged with them.  So if video resonates with your fans, figure out how you can post more of it.  While links are often the most actionable posts for business, they don’t get as much Reach.  Get creative:  post a how-to video with a link to learn more.  Make these stats work for you by capitalizing on your strengths and turning your weaknesses into an opportunity.

Your Action Items:

  • Identify which post types work best for your audience.
  • Record these Insights monthly on a spreadsheet (SMOC members can use this one here) so you can view your results over time, identify trends and changes.

How to Turn Insights into More Fans & Sales

Insights data is great, but what’s a page owner supposed to do with it all that data?  Here are three exclusive tools I offer to members to turn Insights into more fans & more sales:

  1. A case study that shows how one solopreneur got over 400 Likes in one day, and exactly how she did it!
  2. An in-depth video tutorial of how to analyze Insights for your business — including what’s important & what isn’t (Members login to watch it)
  3. Facebook Insights Checklist: How to Turn Data into Sales

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Maria Peagler is the founder of Maria Peagler Digital, a serial entrepreneur, and award-winning author/publisher of nine books. She is an award-winning artist in both watercolor and quilting. She is married to her husband of 30 years, mom to two adult sons, and enjoys hiking in the north Georgia mountains.

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