Clients and Results

maria peagler digital client
Far Surpassed Our Original Goals!

"Amazing service in a tough market! Far surpassed our original goals and I'm looking forward to more conversions.

I've used other marketers and I'll just say this lady has her stuff together."

Curt Cowling

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Let MPD Handle What They Do Best

"My two best business decisions last year:

  1. Handing over the ever-changing daily social media marketing tasks to MPD and
  2. Utilizing Maria’s SEO-optimization expertise in designing our dynamic new mobile-friendly and super-fast web site!

Maria took the time to delve into the nitty-gritty details of our business model and designed organized implementation plans for both of these vital projects. Maria's ongoing performance analysis to gauge our success and continuously tweak our strategy, and her amazing responsiveness, are absolutely top-notch – and so rare!

My time is now freed up to focus on the tasks I shouldn't outsource, am best suited for, and most enjoy doing! I look forward to an ongoing partnership with MPD to make this year our very best year ever!

Kay Harris
Cabins of Birch Hollow