How to Double Your Facebook Fans Authentically – No Buying Allowed! [CASE STUDY]

I don’t advocate “buying” Facebook fans or other schemes that inflate your vanity metrics (it ends up hurting you far more than it helps).  That’s why I’m thrilled to share you with a case study this week of an SMOC member who doubled her fan count in just one week – authentically.

What was her secret?

Meet Jenifer Dick of 42Quilts

Jenifer is a solopreneur quilt designer, Editor at Kansas City Star, and author of five published books on quilting.  She has a successful history in publishing and has a degree in Journalism, so writing comes naturally to her.

You might think that a writer would love blogging and her blog would be her favorite social platform.  But it’s not.

It’s Facebook.

She loves snapping a photo, putting up a funny quote, or sharing photos of her lectures & workshops while creating a community around quilting.

How Jenifer Doubled Her Fans

Until a few months ago, Jenifer’s fan count was hovering around 1,500.  Then she made a few changes to the way she posts on Facebook, and her business page received a flood of new fans (800 in just one week!). That fan growth has continued for a solid month, and she now has over 4,200 fans.

Her fan count isn’t the only thing that’s improved.

See that blue line skyrocketing on Jenifer’s Facebook Insights?  That’s her fan reach, which jumped to 400% (average fan reach is 17%):

Here’s the fan reach for Jenifer’s best photo in June:  almost 19,000 fans saw that post — and her fan page has only 4,200 fans.  That’s a Reach of almost 400%!

Jenifer used several tactics to organically grow her Facebook business page fan count and they’re all centered around content, including:

  1. Increasing the frequency of her posts
  2. Varying the type of Facebook posts
  3. Inviting select influencers to her page

One of Jenifer’s critical success factors was where her fans were coming from. Wisely, Jenifer reached out to industry influencers, which resulted in an exponential fan increase from a surprising source.

You can read more about it by becoming a member of (Members – just login on the left sidebar and you’ll see the details of Jenifer’s success below, including screenshots of her Insights and results that shocked even me!)

So what is Jenifer’s secret? A three-tiered approach to growing her page:

1. Post Daily on Facebook

Jenifer posts almost every day on Facebook, and she usually includes a photo with her posts.  Sometimes the images are of her own work, but often they’re just simple quotes that go viral, as this one did:

2. Post Fun, Community-Centered Posts

As a quilter, Jenifer enjoys posting in-progress and finished photos of her designs, but no one is prolific enough to have a new photo everyday.  So she supplements those with funny quotes, captioned photos, and other common experiences that her audience will relate to.

3. Invite Industry Influencers to Friend Your Personal Profile

This last technique surprised even me at how effective it was, and in an unusual way.  Jenifer invited several “big name” quilt designers to become friends with her on Facebook.  Some accepted, and that set in motion a chain reaction:

  • Jenifer posted on her personal profile an invitation to Like her business page
  • Those influencers went & Liked her 42Quilts Facebook page
  • Friends of those influencers now saw a suggestion to like Jenifer’s 42Quilts page whenever they clicked on the Like Pages link at the left side of their News Feed:

Clicking that Like Pages link displays the Page Browser, where Facebook recommends pages it thinks you would like based on what your friends have Liked:

How effective was it?  Take a look at Jenifer’s Insights and see how many of those Likes came from the Page Browser:

If I hadn’t seen that 999 number with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it. In one month, Jenifer received almost 1,000 new fans by inviting industry influencers to become her Facebook friend, then inviting them to Like her page.

Your Takeaways

What can you learn from this case study?  That it’s real relationships, relevant content, and consistency that generates results.  Jenifer didn’t have a strategy – she was simply being herself, and in doing so, stumbled upon massive success.

Here’s how you can take her techniques and make them your own:

Post frequently on Facebook.  Don’t feel like you need to hit a home run with every post.  Jenifer’s post that went viral was nothing more than a funny quote with an ee card that resonated with her fans.

Vary your post types.  Don’t be all business, even on your Facebook business page.  Jenifer’s not talking about her kids, but she is showing the personal side of her everyday work.  Take fans behind the scenes of your business and they’ll feel a more intimate connection with you.

Invite industry influencers to become your Facebook friend.  Jenifer found a kockout tactic of inviting influencers to her personal profile, followed by posting an invitation to like her business page.  (This tactic worked for Jenifer as the quilting industry is close-knit and she trusted the people she invited to her page.  Use this tactic wisely and invite only those people you trust to your personal profile, especially if you share family details here.)

Which of these tactics will you use on your own Facebook page?


Maria Peagler is the founder of Maria Peagler Digital, a serial entrepreneur, and award-winning author/publisher of nine books. She is an award-winning artist in both watercolor and quilting. She is married to her husband of 30 years, mom to two adult sons, and enjoys hiking in the north Georgia mountains.

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