The College Grad Guide to Finding Your Dream Job Using Social Media Marketing #college2career

According to NPR, CNN, and U.S. News & World Report, college grads have the best job market in decades. Don't waste that degree by letting this happen to you:

​Flunked the job interview for a dream job because I don't have social media skills.  Gonna' be smarter next time!

P. Keasberry Member

By the way — have you Googled yourself?  

Employers will.  What will they see?

Use this ultimate guide to improve your chances of landing your dream job by differentiating yourself on social media. Almost every employer will review your LinkedIn profile, and likely Facebook and Instagram as well.  

[At the end of the guide, I share a tip that will get you noticed, get you an interview, and ultimately, get you the job.  Read on.]

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Top 10 Highest-Paying Social Media Marketing Careers

Whether you're interested in starting your own business, becoming a freelancer or getting a job with a corporate firm, don't miss our guide to the highest-paying social media marketing careers.  You'll discover the top job titles, salaries, and see real people and their earnings:

highest paying social media careers

Millennial's Guide to Using Social Media for Business

Our intern Amanda Jensen (attended Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite's School of Journalism) wrote this excellent guide on what she learned about the difference between personal and professional social media while working here at  

college guide to using social media for business

College Guide to Getting a Job Using Social Media Webinar

In this 24-minute webinar, you'll learn how to stand out as a pro on social media (even if you're not).  I also share tips for making an outstanding impression in a job interview:

Webinar Audio File

Click on the icon below to listen to the audio version of the webinar:

Webinar Slide Deck

Review the main concepts from the webinar with this slide deck. You can download it by selecting the settings icon in the play bar:

College Guide to Landing Your Dream Job Infographic

Your resume is the first impression an employer has of you. What does yours say about you? Does it look like everyone else's? Follow the recommendations in my infographic, and pay special attention to the Extra Credit section:

college guide to getting a job infographic

How to Create Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is worth $200,000 according to CNN's Christine Roman, and it's a critical part of your job search.  This guide & infographic give you the step-by-step guide to establishing your own brand:

Personal Branding How To Pump Up Your Personal Brand

Are Interviewers Looking at Your Facebook Profile?

When I interview interns and potential SMOC team members, I'm shocked at what I see on their Facebook profiles.  Nudity, profanity, and stories of drinking binges are huge #fails on your profiles.

Be smart about what you share on Facebook and learn who can see it in this guide:

Earn a Social Media Certificate in 30 Days with Zero Debt

"There is a sense of urgency — the more people who go through these [social media] certification programs, the more distance they put between themselves and their co-workers that don't." — Brian Solis, author of The End of Business as Usual

Prove you've got what it takes to get results on the job by earning a social media certificate. It's yet another way to differentiate yourself from the crowd of resumes on the pile:

Socialmediaonlineclasses certificate seal

The Best Tip to Land That Job

Every employer and their brand wants more of one thing:

Engagement on social media.

True engagement: not from ads, but from fans and followers.

Give it to them:

  • Engage with them on Twitter with an impressive tweet
  • Follow them on every social network, learn their products and services, and continue to engage with them
  • Share their Facebook posts, retweet their tweets, and comment on LinkedIn

​I guarantee you'll get noticed.

Want to practice? Follow me on Twitter (@sm_onlineclass) and engage with me.  Watch how I tweet, engage, and share. It's one of the best ways to learn.

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