Small Business Content Marketing [Case Study]: How to Turn One Major Piece of Content into a Month’s Worth of Marketing

Last week I shared with you my content generation & marketing secrets that simplify social media marketing.

This week, you get a case study of how a small business can build one major piece of content and use it as the basis for a month’s worth of content and social media marketing.

Case Study: Your First Business Video Webinar

Every month I offer a members-only webinar focusing on tactics that apply to all social networks. In Oct. 2013, it was Your First Business Video: a webinar demonstrating how simple it can be to make your first video, which most small businesses find incredibly intimidating.

While the webinar was members-only content, I used it as the foundation for a month’s worth of related content & social media marketing, including:

Blog post announcing the members-only webinar

Because I offer a new webinar every month, the blog post is basically the same.  I duplicated the previous month’s post and changed the webinar details:

Blog post announcing webinar, created from a template

Blog post announcing webinar, created from a template

Social media posts

I shared across all social networks to announce the webinar, give member reminders, and offer best member takeaways from the webinar:

content marketing sm content marketing twitter content marketing twitter 2
Images and infographics

I created a webinar announcement image and two infographics.  I created these from templates, which sped up the process considerably.  I updated the content & colors to reflect the new webinar:
bonus webinar first video
youtube infographic
youtube checklist

Blog post on colleague’s website

Mary Ellen Miller guest posted at my local social media blog in 2011 on How to Be Comfortable on Camera.  She was excited about the checklist I developed for the webinar (based on her guest post and video), and shared it on her blog MarketingMel.

Members-only video and audio

Ultimately the main piece of content was the webinar itself, from which I developed these members-only content resources:

  • Webinar video replay
  • the “first business video” example I recorded as a demo during the webinar
  • Mary Ellen Miller’s How to Be Comfortable on Camera video (not developed by me)
  • Audio .mp3 file of the webinar members-only videos & audio members-only videos & audio


I could have taken this even farther, and still could in the future.  The possibilities for repurposing this content are immense.

Simplify by using a template for content & images

The secret to simplifying content generation and marketing is to use a template for blog posts and images.  The majority of the work is up front in creating the original template: once you have that, all you do is change the content to suit your new topic.

I used a template for the webinar announcement blog post & image, webinar video intro, infographics, and checklists.

How do they simplify the process?

The blog post template has all the content, subheads, and copywriting I need. I duplicate it every month, updating the details  for the new webinar and hit publish. That takes less than 10 minutes.

My infographics have a distinct branded look & feel: the size & shape remain the same. I changed the colors and the content to reflect the new topic. I got bonus points for sharing on colleague Mary Ellen Miller’s website.

My images also have a distinct branded look.  Again, I changed the text to reflect the new webinar topic and uploaded them to my website and social networks.

If content generation isn’t your strength, you can train an employee or outsource to a contractor to use this repeatable process.  Purchasing a membership for them here at is a cost-effective method for your business to train your staff at their own pace.

How you can adapt this case study for your own small business

Small businesses need to be ruthless about how they spend their time and resources. That’s why this process works beautifully for you:  using templated content for blog posts and images saves an incredible amount of time.

It’s also a repeatable process easily completed by your social media manager: that could be a small agency, someone in-house, or even yourself.

They key to making this process relevant & applicable for your business is to identify your main piece of content and what related content you can develop from it.  The form that content will take will be determined by your market:

  • Business-to-business (B2B) company? A presentation or a white paper is perfect for your audience
  • Business-to-consumer (B2C) company? A blog post or infographic works best for your readers
  • both B2B and B2C can use images and video across all social networks.

How to Develop Your Cornerstone Content

Generating that main piece of content is what this entire process depends on.  It’s the foundation that supports the rest of your content & social media marketing.

What’s the secret to developing an impressive piece of content quickly and simply?

That’s what you’ll learn in the February bonus webinar:  Content Marketing Made Simple.  I’ll be sharing my secrets, including:

  • how to brainstorm content ideas for your entire year
  • the secret to writing a detailed blog post in only 10 minutes
  • how to easily schedule your content so you’re always on track
  • how to outsource content creation if you don’t have time

The webinar is a $297.00 value, free for members in February.  I look forward to helping you in your content marketing efforts!


Maria Peagler is the founder of Maria Peagler Digital, a serial entrepreneur, and award-winning author/publisher of nine books. She is an award-winning artist in both watercolor and quilting. She is married to her husband of 30 years, mom to two adult sons, and enjoys hiking in the north Georgia mountains.

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