INFOGRAPHIC & Video: 64 Techniques for Innovative Facebook Marketing Campaigns

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This is our 7th year of publishing our classic infographic, updating it to include the most up-to-date tactics that work on Facebook NOW.

As your Facebook newsfeed gets more and more crowded, you need to evolve your marketing to be smarter. 

Give your fans — and Facebook — content that gets the highest reach possible.

Currently, that's video: specifically, Facebook Live video.  Let's take a close look in this ultimate guide. . .

Facebook Marketing Campaign Generator

Generate your own unique marketing campaign by randomly selecting one tactic from each category.

For example, in the table below, I list the tactics I randomly selected from each of the eight categories:






Ask fans to share



Ask fans to tag a friend who'd be interested



Announce promotions here



Export post data to sort by Reach/Shares (can no longer do this within Facebook)


Live Video

Broadcast live from any device



Use targeted ads wisely


Visual Content

Video gets HUGE reach



Boosted post is easiest ad to start with

Here's what that marketing campaign would look like:

  • Broadcast a Facebook live video announcing an upcoming promotion (tactic 33)
  • Ask fans to share the post announcing the event & tag a friend in it (tactics #5 & 14)
  • Announce promotion on your timeline cover (tactic # 20)
  • Boost the video with an ad, targeting your audience wisely (tactics # 46 & 59)

And that's just ONE of the possible 4 million different campaigns you can generation using this infographic!

While no brand needs that many,  you can be assured you won't be offering the same marketing campaign your competitor did last week.

Make this work for your brand: you don’t have to use each category and if a particular technique doesn’t fit your business, substitute another. You’ll generate some of the most innovative Facebook marketing in your industry.

Facebook Marketing Infographic Explainer Video

Watch this Social Media Minute video where I discuss using these techniques:

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