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Video Transcript

Maria Peagler: This is Maria Peagler with and in this brief video, I am going to show you 13 different ways that you can increase sales for your business using social media marketing. This is a post on our website and I will leave a link in the video description where you can come and read each one of these in depth. The first tip is to figure out why your social media marketing isn’t generating revenue. This is usually a surprise, the reasons why. This is an article here on the blog that will tell you, why your social media marketing is not currently generating revenue. Then you can transition into tip number 2 which is how to go ahead and start generating revenue using social media marketing.

Now you’re not usually going to make a sale on Facebook or any other social network, but you can drive traffic either to your brick and mortar store or to your website. You need to have some tools in place for those sales to happen and this is what this article is going to help you with, so that’s article number 2. Article number 3 is, is your offer right for your audience? This is an actual case study of a member who did a pivot in her business. She got higher revenue because of it and how she used LinkedIn to help her do this. That’s the 3rd tip, is your offer may not be right for your audience. Number 4, do people trust you?

Especially online people are always wary of being scammed and so you’ve got to figure out how to create a credible personal brand. We have an info graphic in an article on the website that will help you do that. Then 5th, does your website need fine tuning? You can be doing awesome social media and making home runs every single day with your post, but if your website is confusing, if people don’t understand what it is that you’re offering or feel a little bit hesitant to purchase from you, then you need to make a few changes to your website. Now this is not saying, you need to get an entirely new website or do a big makeover. It’s just a few small changes that you can make that will create a big difference.

Number 6, this is one of my favorite ones. It’s a case study of a realtor from Atlanta, Georgia who generated $ 100,000 in income from social media referrals alone. This is one you definitely want to check out again. It’s an article on our blog. You can also boost some sagging revenues with public relations and social media. This is a case study of a business that was featured on the MSNBC show, The Profit. It’s a Jacksonville business that was able to continue the momentum they got from that show because a lot of times you’ll get a one-time boost in revenues, but then that’s going to stop. You need to figure out how to continue that and that’s what this case study shows how they did.

The number 8 is another case study about how a local meat market uses Facebook to get people into their Brick and Mortar Stores. This is a case study of Stittsworth Meats in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is a small family in business and they do a great job using Facebook to get people in their store. Number 9 is how to invest $ 50 in the Facebook Ad and get 1200% ROI in return. This is a member who invested in a $ 50 Facebook Ad and sold out of what he was trying to sell, so that’s definitely one you don’t want to miss.

Number 10 is how you can optimize your LinkedIn profile to get leads in sales. There is a great info graphic that goes along with this. Number 11 is one that you, is definitely going to be a surprise that is, how do you Slideshare to generate sales? I did this for my coaching book. It stayed in Amazon’s top 10’s list for the first year. The 2nd year, that’s not so easy to do because your book isn’t new anymore, but I use Slideshare do that. This presentation here will show you how you can use Slideshare to do the same thing. Then number 12 is how to optimize your Pinterest boards to generate traffic and sales. Now Pinterest is a huge driver of traffic to your website, if you do it right.

In this video, I show in member how to make over for Pinterest boards to drive sales. I have saved the absolute best for last which is number 13 which is how to sell out in 24 hours on Instagram. This is an actual case study that I shared in a bonus webinar for our members and you don’t want to miss this. This is an excerpt from that particular bonus webinar, so there you go 13 ways that you can increase sales using social media marketing. If you like more information, click on the link below the video to see each of these articles on the website. This is Maria Peagler with

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