Top 10 Highest-Paying Social Media Marketing Careers [With Salaries]

Social media marketing has become an integral part of any communications, marketing or advertising campaign. Employers expect job candidates to have outstanding social media marketing skills, even for positions that aren’t traditionally in the communications field.

Here are 11 (updated to include the hot field of digital advertising) of the highest-paying social media marketing careers and the average annual salary range of each:

1. Entrepreneur – Social Media Consultant

Salary Range: $35,000 - $175,000 and up

Enjoy helping other small businesses reach new heights with your social media marketing skills? Consider starting your own consulting firm! Combine entrepreneurial skills with your love of social media marketing to help small businesses, non-profits, and solopreneurs grow their brands.

highest paying social media careers content
highest paying social media careers consultant fashion
highest paying social media careers content

2. Vice President of Communications

Salary Range: $100,000 - $150,000

Communications departments in large brands include marketing, public relations and social media, and the V.P. ensures each is reaching their goals on a quarterly and annual basis. V.P.’s need a strong understanding of each discipline, the ability to manage teams and guide them in reaching the brand’s goals. Think brands like Coca-Cola or UPS.

Take a look at the 6,500+ jobs, in the U.S. alone, paying over $100K for a V.P. of Communications listed on​

top ten highest paying social media marketing careers vice president communications 2

Over 6,500 jobs for V.P. of Communications careers paying over $100K in the U.S. alone

3. Public Relations Manager

Salary Range: $60,000 - $100,000

Public relations (PR) focuses on communicating with the general public and media outlets to communicate a brand’s news and messaging. Social media marketing has become a huge component of PR, making it easier to reach more people than ever before, yet the challenge is to maintain the message when social media makes it easier than ever for rumors to spread. PR managers often work in political campaigns, for major utilities, and large brands.

Here's just a sample of the P.R. Manager careers listed on and LinkedIn:

top ten highest paying careers social media marketing public relations manager indeed

Over 8K P.R. Manager jobs paying 55K+ in the U.S.

top ten highest paying careers social media marketing public relations manager indeed

LinkedIn Jobs has 350+ jobs for P.R. Directors in the U.S.

4. Marketing Communications Manager

Salary Range: $50,000 - $100,000

Years ago this career had little to do with social media, but that’s changed as social media is a huge component of today’s marketing communication strategies. This means that the directors and managers of these departments need a solid background in social media marketing. Every brand, no matter their size, needs marketing, and you’ll find these managers at mid-size to large companies.

top ten highest paying social media marketing careers marketing communications manager

More opportunities for Marketing Communication Managers than any other career in the top 10

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

Salary Range: $30,000 - $100,000+

Every business wants to rank highly in online search to get organic traffic to their website. Social and SEO work together, and it takes a rare candidate who understands how to use both to achieve lasting results without resorting to shortcuts that get a brand penalized. Analysis is an important skill for SEO Specialist who need to work through volumes of data to identify important ranking factors. SEO Specialist often work as consultants, but will also be a critical part of any marketing team at brands of all sizes.

top ten highest paying social media marketing careers seo
top ten highest paying social media marketing careers seo2

6. Content Manager

Salary Range: $40,000 - $95,000+

Great content is the foundation of digital marketing, and it’s up to the content manager to develop and curate outstanding content to use in multiple ways throughout a brand’s marketing. Content managers need a strong writing and editing background and the ability to manage a team of contributing writers. Content managers often work at digital, publishing, or media brands. lists over 32,000 careers for Content Managers paying over $40K.​

7. Marketing Consultant

Salary Range: $40,000 - $80,000

Marketing consultants often work with small business owners to jump start or even build a marketing campaign from scratch. One of the largest components of these marketing plans? You guessed it, social media. Advertising on these social networks also plays a large part in marketing, so consultants need to be experts on both organic and paid strategies.

top ten highest paying social media marketing careers marketer
top ten highest paying social media marketing careers communications

​8. Social Media Director

Salary Range: $40,000 - $85,000+

Directors oversee the entire spectrum of social and digital marketing, and need to stay on top of the evolving landscape to focus campaigns on those platforms offering best results for the brand. Directors often work at larger companies as part of a marketing department across all industries, including private and public brands, as well as government agencies. lists over 9,000 careers for Social Media Directors paying over $45K.​

9. Online Community Manager

Salary Range: $30,000 - $80,000+

Online community managers combine social media marketing skills with community development, either with a brand’s audience, clients or both. Being a community manager requires diplomacy, the ability to encourage community participation, using tools like Facebook groups, forums, comments on social media, and other community tools. Community managers are especially valuable for brands with challenging public images and are expected to turn negative perceptions into positive ones. lists over 16,000 Online Community Jobs earning over $30,000 in the U.S. alone, including this one for the Clark Howard show (a nationally-syndicated consumer advice radio show):​

top ten highest paying social media marketing careers analyst

Nationally-syndicated radio personality Clark Howard is looking for an online community manager

10. Social Media Analyst

Salary Range: $40,000 - $70,000+

Analysts review bottom-line results from digital campaigns using native analytics within each platform as well as third-party tools like Google Analytics. It’s up to the analyst to identify whether campaigns are generating a return on investment (ROI), and requires candidates who enjoy working with large amounts of data. Analysts can be consultants or be part of a larger marketing team.

top ten highest paying social media marketing careers analyst

11. Digital Advertiser

Salary Range: $35,000 - $100,000+

Digital advertisers are responsible for branding, generating leads and sales through online advertising. Knowledge and experience of a broad variety of platforms from AdWords to YouTube to each social network will command greater salaries.

Advertisers not only develop the ad creative, but the audience targeting, website assets such as landing panges, tracking and conversion pixels, and reporting. You'll also be required to prove the return on investment (ROI) from advertising budgets. lists over 19,000 digital advertising jobs in the U.S. on their website.


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