Marketing Infographics on Facebook, Twitter, Social Media Strategy & More

Infographics are, hands-down, the most popular tools I offer here at People love getting actionable tactics, organized and well-laid out for them. It's like having a marketing checklist right before your eyes.

Here you can find our most popular infographics we make available to the public. 

Social Media Strategy Chart

Downloaded thousands of times, this social media strategy chart (and spreadsheet) guide you in developing a strategy unique to your business. It's the best place to start or adapt your social media marketing plan:

social media strategy template

Ultimate Guide to Hashtags Infographic

Wondering what the heck's a hashtag? Feel like you need a Twitter-to-English dictionary? This actionable infographic & guide offer 64 different ways to get greater visibility online using the hashtag. Includes 20+ examples of brands like Oprah, Coca-Cola, Audi & even the NFL!  You're sure to find a hashtag strategy that works for you:

Facebook Marketing Infographic

64 Facebook marketing tactics grouped into eight unique categories. Use the infographic as checklist, or combine them by taking one strategy from each group for a possible combination of over 4 million marketing campaigns.

facebook marketing strategy infographic 2017 Socialmediaonlineclasses

Profitable LinkedIn Networking Infographic

LinkedIn has the most affluent demographic of any social network.  Are you profiting from it? If not, check out the Profitable Guide to LinkedIn Networking.  You'll grow your network, get new opportunities and new clients.

linkedin marketing infographic Socialmediaonlineclasses

Twitter Headline Checklist

If you're new to Twitter, how do you fit everything you need to say in ust 140 characters? By following this Twitter Headline Checklist: after all, tweets really are just a headline motivating your followers to take action, right? Here's how to convince them every time:

280 chars twitter headline checklist

Instagram Marketing Infographic

This mobile-only social network packs a powerful punch with images, captions, and hashtags.  It's a fun way to connect on a personal level to your audience, but make no mistake: it's not Pinterest.  The etiquette here is quite different.  Learn how with this infographic:

INSTAGRAM MARKETING INFOGRAPHIC 2017 Socialmediaonlineclasses

Ultimate Guide to Social Media Tagging Infographic

Which is more important:  reaching the right person or a crowd of people? If you said "the right person," then you need this guide to social media tagging.  You'll be reaching influencers, getting noticed online, and more engagement than you ever imagined!

social media tagging infographic

Business Automation Template

Wish you could scale yourself and get better opportunities? Whether you're a business owner or a staffer, this guide teaches you how to put the stuff you don't enjoy on auto-pilot, so you can focus on your passion:

business automation template

DIY Blog Tour Infographic

Need evergreen publicity for your brand? That's what a blog tour does, and you can launch a tour even if you don't have your own blog.  Authors routinely do these "online book tours," but they work fabulously for business-to-business brands & services as well:

diy blog tour infographic

Content Lifespan Infographic

You work hard on your content, whether they be social media posts, blog posts, images or infographics. Learn how to squeeze every drop of value & life out of every piece of content you create:

infographic content marketing strategy 21 ways to extend your content

Enjoy these infographics with my compliments. When you're ready to learn HOW to do these tactics, become a member: you'll get clear lessons, short video tutorials, and guided assignments that get you more customers, your current customers spending more, and a growing business in any economy.

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