INFOGRAPHIC & Video: 64 Techniques for Innovative Facebook Marketing Campaigns

This is our 7th year of publishing our classic infographic, updating it to include the most up-to-date tactics that work on Facebook NOW. As your Facebook newsfeed gets more and more crowded, you need to evolve your marketing to be smarter.  Give your fans — and Facebook — content that gets the highest reach possible. Currently, that’s video: specifically, […]

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Checklist for Writing Great Twitter Posts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Want to stand out on Twitter? Need to learn how to write a great tweet? Easy. People have been doing it for over one hundred years: Headlines. Look no farther than newspaper editors and fiction authors: they’ve mastered the art of the tease — writing short, detailed copy leaving readers hungry for more.A compelling headline includes several characteristics:1. SHORTTwitter’s […]

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