Checklist for Writing Great Twitter Posts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Click to download the checklist ​​<< Click on the infographic to download your own full-size version. Want to stand out on Twitter? Need to learn how to write a great tweet? Easy. People have been doing it for over one hundred years: Headlines. Look no farther than newspaper editors and fiction authors: they’ve mastered the art of the tease — […]

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10-Minute Twitter Strategies for Small Business Profits

Twitter is the one social network my students and clients are most hesitant to join.  It’s only for celebrities like Alyssa Milano and Charlie Sheen, they say.  Or like my summer intern Matt, they feel like they need a Twitter-to-English dictionary to decipher people’s tweets.  Stated plainly, Twitter is not for wimps.  It takes persistence […]

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Social Media for Professional vs. Personal Use: There’s A Difference

[UPDATE] Amanda Jensen, author of this blog post, landed her first professional position at a Fortune 100 company. Scroll down to the end of the article to find out where. Confessions of a millennial intern who thought she was social media savvy. What she learned was that using social for business was completely different!”Social media? Yeah […]

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