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How to Tweet Like Trump [INFOGRAPHIC]

Donald Trump dominated headlines from the moment he entered the 2016 presidential race.​ He rarely gave interviews or held press conferences, but instead used Twitter as his megaphone to publish his message. In this blog post, you’ll learn how to “tweet like Trump” and dominate the media using Twitter for your personal or business brand.​  Let’s start with the […]

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Hop Off the Entrepreneurial Treadmill with These 10 Business Automation Tutorials

Who runs your life: you or your business?Entrepreneurs face often-insurmountable challenges: while some people thrive under that pressure (Marissa Mayer), others feel overwhelmed by the constant flux of change and a 24/7 culture. Compound that stress during your busiest time of year and you’re likely exploding over the small stuff. So what’s a budding (or seasoned) entrepreneur to do?  Hop off the entrepreneurial […]

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How to Use Memes in Your Business Marketing

Memes — humorous images or videos — spread quickly on the internet. But are they right for your brand marketing?  Here are comprehensive resources and examples to help you decide – and enjoy the creativity behind the web’s best memes. Quick Navigation Geico Insurance Marco Polo CommercialProgressive Insurance Thanksgiving CommercialState Farm’s “Never” CommercialBetter Business Bureau Northwest […]

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